10 Must-Try Taquerias in The Kansas City Taco Trail

Tacos aren’t usually the first food that comes to mind when considering the Kansas City Metro area. But instead, barbeque is synonymous with the Kansas City brand.

However, tacos are also a special treat, and the Kansas City Taco Trail offers some of the best tacos, and they’re as tasty as Kansas City’s famous barbeque.

Everything is unique about these tacos. First, they make the corn tortillas from scratch and cook them one by one on the flat top right in front of you. They’re definitely homemade tortillas!

El Camino Real on the Kansas City Taco Trail

Part grocery store, part meat market, and deli, Bonito Michoacan Taqueria is a combination venue with about a dozen tables.

Bonito Michoacan Taqueria

GG’s Barbacoa Café is well known for its eponymous meat, barbacoa, and smoke brisket. While these meats are great tacos, if you prefer your brisket or barbacoa by the pound or in a sandwich, you can have it that way too.

GG’s Barbacoa Café

Las Palmas Restaurant is a sit-down dining experience featuring Central American and Mexican food with a large menu. I suggest ordering one of their pupusas once you’ve tried their tacos. They start with thick corn tortillas and then stuff them with various fillings.

Las Palmas Restaurant

Tarahumaras is one of the best taco places in the Kansas City area for birria tacos. I found a more unusual taco in the menu’s appetizer section—the potato tacos.


This neighborhood taqueria seats about 30 people, and the cooktop and prep area are displayed. Their menu lists nine taco varieties, with a rumor that they also serve barbacoa tacos that they don’t list on the menu.

Tacos El Guero—100% Michoacanos

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