9 Best Dinner Restaurants in Ann Arbor, Michigan

I found so many must-try restaurants in Ann Arbor it was difficult to limit my list. So, I selected those from a variety of price points from super casual to fine dining.

I chose these 9 restaurants to try in Ann Arbor because they highlight something iconic about the local food scene and are some of the best restaurants in Ann Arbor.

The Gandy Dancer is one of Ann Arbor’s fine dining experiences. The food menu, updated weekly, is seafood-forward.

Gandy Dancer

Batidos are milkshakes made with sweetened milk, fruit, and ice. At Frita Batidos, they make theirs with Guernsey Dairy vanilla bean ice cream for a super delicious treat.

Frita Batitos

Vegans will enjoy the Hippie Bowl, a dish featuring tempeh and brown rice, roasted vegetables, sweet potato, avocado, and coconut.


The chef presented the American-style pot roast beautifullywith a side of red-skin mashed potatoesand a rich gravy, and they topped it with crispy onion rings.

Carson's American Bistro

The bucatini, a hollow spaghetti-shaped pasta, had a bright tomato-basil sauce. The pasta served as a foundation for the quarter pound meatball that topped the dish.

Mani Osteria & Bar

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