A Foodie's Guide To The Top Restaurants Near Fairfield, Iowa

Fairfield, Iowa, located about 111 miles southeast of Des Moines, offers foodies a surprising number of great restaurant options.

The town’s population is just under 10,000 people, yet you’ll find over 30 local restaurants in this small town.

My foodie fun began when the locals introduced me to Fishback & Stephenson Cider House, one of the best restaurants near Fairfield, Iowa. Their cider flights sparkled like jewels in the afternoon sun.

Fishback & Stephenson Cider House

This bakery is a great place for an American breakfast or lunch. I had the everything bagel bomb stuffed with parmesan and black pepper cream cheese.

Bountiful Bakery

Café Paradiso offers award-winning coffee. The owner, Steve Giacomini, has a passion for espresso, so he created a blend of organic, shade-grown coffee beans and roasted them on-site daily.

Café Paradiso

At the Depot House, the look of the food is stunning. Even something simple like a chicken sandwich is transformed into a beautiful dish. Depot House is another one of the best restaurants in Fairfield, Iowa.

Depot House

Located just off the square, SOMM Wines is a retail wine market and lounge offering wine by the glass. This is a great place to sit outside and relax with friends. They have outdoor heaters to ward off the chilly evenings.

SOMM Wines

Located in the Fairfield Food Collective, we stopped by Taco Dreams for breakfast. A unique feature here is that they make their tortillas in-house from Oaxacan maize and are vegan.

Taco Dreams

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