Beer and Pizza Paradise:

The Mitten Brewing Company's Perfect Pairing

The Mitten Brewing Company hits craft beer and artisan pizza out of the park. Located on Grand Rapids’ west side, it’s the first brewery on the west side since Prohibition.

Although the brewery is in a historic Victorian-era fire station, the baseball-loving owners, Chris Andrus and Max Trierweiler, went with a vintage baseball theme that they carry throughout the décor and menu. But, of course, that just adds to the fun!

The 120-year-old Mitten Brewing Company building has exposed brick throughout. The baseball theme starts in the lobby with four blue stadium-style seats from the original Detroit Tiger Stadium.

The Atmosphere

An old English D symbolizing the Detroit Tigers adorns one of the exposed brick walls, along with historic black and white baseball images.

It focuses on gourmet pizza with some baseball-themed appetizers, like the roasted peanuts in the shell at the ballpark.

The Menu at the Mitten Brewing Company

I love the menu’s whimsical baseball references offering selections like the Curse of the Goat, the Field of Greens, Thai Cobb, the Grand Salami, Westerdog, and the Plate Setter.

Think of the pizza dough as a bread alternative, which will help your mindset. It starts with the standard pizza dough topped with chili bean sauce.

The Westerdog Pizza

Then comes the diced all-beef franks, cheddar-jack cheese, diced white onions, and shredded Kosher pickles. Finally, they drizzle it with ketchup and yellow mustard for a true ballpark and pizza mash-up.

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