Foodie Guide to Gulf Shores

When it comes to the Alabama Gulf Coast food scene, fresh gulf coast seafood—shrimp, oyster, and crab, intersect with southern specialties like grits and pimento cheese.

Add to the food, the atmosphere with stunning sunset views over the waterfront, and you’ll be looking forward to returning for that next Gulf Coast gourmand experience.

Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a view. My meal at Tacky Jack’s featured the Royal Reds.

Tacky Jack’s

Fishers find them in deeper water than other shrimp, so they taste like a combination of lobster and scallops.

Royal Reds at Tacky Jack’s

They had a celebratory fine-dining atmosphere, with panoramic Gulf-front views and an award-winning wine list.


With a hint of the Gulf’s briny taste, the subtle aroma reminds you it is indeed all about the oysters — raw, roasted, or Rockefeller.

Oysters at Voyagers

You’ll find all the southern specialties you’re searching for. LuLu’s has an extensive allergy menu. They require a manager to take the order from those with allergies.


They started the dish by mixing Andouille sausage and shrimp with tomato cream and Tasso ham sauce. Then they served it on top of Gouda grits.

Shrimp and Grits at LuLu’s

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