How To Cook A Steak Like A Restaurant At Home

I NEEDED to learn to cook a restaurant-style steak at home to make it through the pandemic. Using technology, I made the best of a difficult situation by using virtual travel.

I went virtually to Omaha, a place I think of as the steak capital of the world. Visit Omaha offered an on-line cooking demonstration with three Omaha restaurant chefs.

Here’s what I learned from my virtual meeting with the three Omaha chefs on how to make the perfect restaurant-style steak at home. They certainly know their steak.

The Method to Cooking Steak

• Season the steak up to 12 hours before cooking to infuse maximum flavor.  • Temper the meat by letting it stand at room temperature for almost two hours at room temperature.

• Start with a very dry steak to help with the caramelization process. • Pat it dry with paper towel to remove all the excess moisture.

• Season with a liberal amount of kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. • Season from above to season the entire surface.

• Use canola oil, vegetable, or peanut oil to sear the steak on the hottest surface possible to create that crust and caramelization on the steak, approximately two and a half minutes per side.

• Don’t be afraid to get the pan hot as that’s what creates the crust. • Once the steak has the nice exterior crust, let it rest for five to seven minutes.

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