Secret Michigan: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure

What is so Secret about Michigan?   This book uncovers places that many Michigan residents don’t even know. You’ll  discover the backstories behind well-known places or places familiar to those who  live next door but not to those who live three counties away.

Secret Michigan exposes place highlights that many know nothing about or others  may only have heard of. Here is the information about visiting the sites, locations,  and history.

What does the tagline “the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure” mean?

he book looks at those places that are weird in that they are different, odd, or even  ghostly; obscure, unknown, or hidden in plain view or wonderful,  beautiful, awesome or cultural.

Having lived in Michigan her entire life, author Amy Piper knows about the history,  the stories, and the hidden spots in Michigan. This book opens the door to many  locations even locals are unaware of.

About the Author

Join her explorations of the 84 featured  attractions throughout Michigan. Some people would like to keep you in the dark,  but local author Amy Piper pulls back the curtain to reveal secrets some  Michiganders don’t want you to know.

Michigan is known for its automotive heritage. From a state with a car culture  history, discover the origins of the world’s largest tire, the only state highway that  doesn’t allow motorized vehicles, and a ship with a designated continuation of a  United States highway.

Michigan's Automobile Heritage

How did a small town in Michigan become known as Hell?

Hell, Michigan

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