5 Top Restaurants in Surrey, British Columbia

Surrey is British Columbia’s next great food city—without question. In 2023, Food and Wine even named Surrey one of the world’s 12 best-emerging food cities for foodies.

Here are my recommendations for the best restaurants in Surrey, British Columbia.

Hassib Sarwari and his family started Afghan Kitchen using his Mum’s recipes to bring a taste of their home country to Surrey.

Afghan Kitchen

Remix makes their ‘New Canadian’ Experience local by blending cultures. You’ll find dishes such as steamed Tibetan dumplings and Korean cauliflower.

Dominion Bar + Kitchen

While the restaurant serves Mexican food, the family who runs it is from El Salvador. On the menu, you’ll also find some El Salvadoran dishes, like Pupusas.

Guacamole  Mexican Grill

MoMos are plump, hearty dumplings in round or half-moon shapes for those new to Nepalese food. The restaurant offers them steamed or fried.

MoMo N Wings Nepalese Restaurant

Kesari Sweets features traditional Indian cuisine and sweets. They offer a menu with even more vegetarian options than non-veg options.

Kesari Sweets

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