Tips for Vacation Planning

You want to use your vacation days to travel. But with uncertainty in both your personal and work schedules, it’s challenging to plan a vacation.

Then coordinating time-off with a partner adds to the complexity. Finally, considering the kiddo’s programs and extracurricular activities, and it’s just impossible to find the perfect time for a traveling vacation.

Here are the approaches I’ve used to pack more leisure travel into my hectic life.

Make travel your priority. Prioritization helps in the planning process. You’ll need to prioritize both your time and your money to reach your travel goals.

Prioritize Travel

To start planning, you need ideas. Read travel websites and blogs to find recommendations on where to go and what to do. Get input on where in the world you should go next.

Plan Your Vacation

Keep a list of places that interest you and decide how much time you would need to take that vacation. From the United States to Australia you might need two weeks, for a city in Europe, maybe ten days.


Once you have a destination and amount of time required, decide what’s feasible. When could you take that trip? Will it be this year, next year, or a trip you need to save for over several years?


Be ready. If it takes hours to get ready to go on a spontaneous trip, the opportunity evaporates, but if you’re packed, you can seize the moment.

Be Prepared

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