Walking the  Las Vegas Strip at Night:  A 2024 Tour

When you think of walking the Las Vegas Strip at night, you can’t help but think of neon, LED, and incandescent lights. They all help bring energy and life to the night.

According to research from Smart Lighting Industries, a firm based in the United Kingdom, the Las Vegas Strip, with over 12,000,000 lights, is the most expensive tourist attraction to light in the world.

The light bill on the Strip is about $443,521,846 annually.

Visit Paris and the golden lit Eiffel Tower. After dark, dine in the Eiffel Tower and enjoy the lighted Bellagio fountains.

The Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas

The Luxor pyramid represents Egypt — outlined in lights, topped with a shining beacon that could be seen from outer space.

The Luxor

It has been over 30 years since we had visited Vegas and stayed at the Flamingo Hilton. The neon signs remind me of the “old” Vegas.

The Flamingo

The sculpted golden lion stands proud at the entrance to The MGM Grand.

The Golden Lion Guard

The Stratosphere is a 1,148 feet tall structure. The Stratosphere has a five-prong star-shaped ride called “The Insanity” that spins you 64 feet over the Tower edge. You can stare straight down at the Strip during the ride, if you dare open your eyes.

The Stratosphere

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