Facts About Lansing, Michigan

Most people know Lansing is Michigan’s capital city and has an automotive heritage. But here are some things to see in Lansing that are sure to make you want to visit.

If you live in Lansing, you may even be surprised by some of these.

Rare Black Rhinos

Helping Rhinos, an international rhino charity, estimates that today’s black rhinos population is approximately 5,630. Lansing’s Potter Park Zoo has two of these critically endangered black rhinos.

Famous Women from Lansing, Michigan

Rosie, the Riveter on the “We Can Do It” poster, promoted women working in manufacturing during World War II. The woman on that poster was Lansing resident Geraldine Doyle.

Capitol Building

With nine acres of hand-painted ceilings, walls, columns, and woodwork, artistic talents were at work in the construction.

Ancestral Travel

The Michigan Historical Center also has a museum dedicated to Michigan’s history. While you’re at the archives, be sure to check out the museum where you can’t have a Michigan historical museum without an exhibit about cars.

Hands-On Science

The five, in Impression 5 Science Center, refers to the five senses and engages families with children from birth to age twelve with active elements accessible to various heights, abilities, and language comprehension.

Wild Goose Inn

This inn has two buildings, one of which they built in the late 1800s, and is one of the oldest buildings in East Lansing.

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