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Follow the Piper believes every destination has something unique to offer visitors. Our mission is to tell travelers the stories behind a place so that they’re inspired to pack more travel experiences in their lives and explore new cities around the globe.  

Follow the Piper will inspire you to go out and see the world, near or far. Welcome, we’re glad you’re here! 

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Amy Piper is a freelance travel writer, blogger, photographer, and author specializing in luxury and multigenerational travel. She is a native Michigander who travels through the lens of a food lover and has been to 41 countries and 45 states around the world. 

From getting chased by bomb sniffing dogs in the middle of the night in Bogotá, to being refused boarding her plane from Buenos Aires to Paraguay due to the wrong visa, Amy always has an exciting adventure to tell her readers and community of travel enthusiasts.


Piper has co-authored the best-selling book on Amazon, Midwest Road Trip Adventures and authored 100 Things to Do in Lansing Before You Die.

Midwest Road Trip Adventures takes travelers along some of the most storied highways and byways in this unique and spectacular region of the United States.

Piper’s book, 100 Things to Do in Lansing Before You Die, helps readers explore Lansing, a centrally located city in Michigan which is is 90 minutes from 90% of the state’s population and an excellent destination for a getaway. The book provides must-experience itineraries designed by a Lansing local and tips for enjoying all the must-sees in this diverse town. Piper includes some secret treasures in Lansing that some locals may never have even found!


“We all love a great road trip and this book is a comprehensive guide to the best road trips the Midwest has to offer” – Reader of Midwest Road Trip 

“I grew up in Lansing and still have several friends in the area. I thought I knew everything there is to know about the city. I was wrong though. There is so much more to see and do in Lansing than I had realized.”– Reader of 100 Things to Do in Lansing Before You Die


Federal Marshalls announced my seat number on a plane looking for a murder suspect. I had traded seats.

I’ve been chased by bomb sniffing dogs in the middle of the night in Bogotá (Happened to be working late).

I was refused boarding on a plane from Buenos Aires to Paraguay (wrong visa).


Several online and print publications feature my travel advice. In addition to my blog, you can find Piper’s Pro Travel Planning tips in these publications.

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I’d love to tell the stories behind your destination. I’m a freelance travel writer and blogger who showcases the world, specializing in stories through a food lens–restaurants, ingredients, and festivals are some of my favorite things to write about and share with my audience of travel enthusiasts. 


I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch to learn more about ways to work together or if you’re a traveler who has a suggestion on the next thing to cover on Follow the Piper!