Follow the Piper aims to motivate you to pack more travel into your life, loosely defining travel. You don’t need to get on a plane to travel. Instead, we will inspire you to get up off the couch and see the world, near or far. Go to that new restaurant in your town. Go to that museum you’ve passed every day for years and never visited. Make a day trip on Saturday or go away for the weekend. Again, you don’t need to travel full-time to experience the world.

We want to motivate you to plan your next adventure, be it in Michigan, the Midwest, or worldwide. So, first, we help you decide where to go, with whom, what to eat and which activities to pursue. Then, we help you figure out why and how to get there cost-effectively.

Our founder and writer, Amy Piper, is a published author and regular contributor to multiple travel outlets. Amy says, “There’s regular travel for weekend trips with my husband and multi-generational trips with the entire family, including my daughter and granddaughters. In addition, there are five weeks of vacation and eleven holidays. As retirement approaches, I plan to travel more and eventually travel full time, writing about ‘Around Town or Around the World’ wherever I am—focusing on planning—Flights. Food. Family Fun!

Follow the Piper isn’t a budget travel site; however, no one wants to spend more money than necessary. Save money wherever you can, without compromising the experience. Get the best value for the money. To coin a phrase from Walmart, “Save money. Travel more.” A question, Piper gets asked frequently is, “How do you go on vacation and still afford it, especially if you’re taking the grandkids on retirement income?” We want you to be able to do the same which is why we share our travel tips to help you explore the world within your budget. 

The Follow the Piper site includes traveling through the lens of food, although not just restaurant reviews. There might be information about festivals; for example, the “Mint Festival” or the “Cherry Festival.” There might be ideas for you to explore culinary activities such as discovering how they make chocolate by checking out Hershey, Pennsylvania. You can even explore the “Museum of Food and Drink” in New York City or visit a cranberry bog. There are recipes that I’ve collected along the way to bring the experience home to you which I share with you here. 

And tomorrow, the adventure continues! Follow the Piper!


Amy Piper is a freelance travel writer, blogger, photographer, and author specializing in luxury and multi-generational travel. She is a native Michigander who travels through the lens of a food lover and has been to 41 countries and 45 states. 

From getting chased by bomb sniffing dogs in the middle of the night in Bogotá to being refused boarding her plane from Buenos Aires to Paraguay due to the wrong visa, Amy always has an exciting adventure to tell her readers and community of travel enthusiasts.

In 2022, Amy was recognized as the Greater Lansing Certified Tourism Ambassador Star of the Year and she is a published author of two best-selling travel books on Amazon. 



If you love travel, road trips, and finding all the hidden gems along the way, check out my published work: Midwest Road Trip Adventures, 100 Things to Do in Lansing Before You Die, and Secret Michigan.

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Piper has always had a home in Lansing, Michigan, so she can show you how to love Lansing like a local. When she’s out for the weekend, you can find her discovering Michigan and the Midwest. She specializes in travel and stories through a food lens – restaurants, ingredients, and festivals.


Let Piper tell your story, where she authentically introduces the world to the people, places and activities in your destination.

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