360 Experience Aboard the Discovery Princess

Like every other foodie, I’m constantly searching for the next over-the-top experience. On cruise ships alone, tens of thousands of diners pursue that special meal every year to create a memorable vacation.

So, when Princess Cruises invited me to a new, invitation-only experience in Los Angeles, I couldn’t resist.

A Bit of Background

The 360 Experience is exclusive. Guests booked in suite accommodations on Discovery Princess and Enchanted Princess or guest sailing on those ships that book a future cruise with suite accommodations on any Princess ship.

You can also receive invitation-only access by participating in specific VIP casino gaming and retail event sailings.

The 360 Experience on the Discovery Princess

360 is a fusion of master storytelling, world-class cuisine, visual entertainment, and ground-breaking technology that manifests in what can only be described as an Extraordinary Experience.

360 is a remarkable adventure that immerses our guests into the compelling cultures and flavors of the Mediterranean in a 90-minute celebration of the senses.

Food at the 360 Experience

They introduced us to local ingredients through synchronized authentic storytelling, imagery, music, scents, cuisine, and stunning visual film.

The story of each destination emerges from artisans, passionate purveyors, and culinary methods told through a gourmet dining experience.

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