4 Michigan Children’s Gardens

The most extensive children’s garden in the United States is the five-acre children’s garden inside Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.

Lena Meijer Children’s Garden

As children enter the garden through their unique door, a giant mouse sculpture greets them. This garden emphasizes hands-on activities enhanced through sculptures.

Gaffield Children’s Garden

The Visitor’s Center near the garden entrance lends adventure backpacks with all the necessary supplies for extra fun.

The bag has everything to play a competitive round of  Conservation Bingo or to participate in a Scavenger Hunt.

Dow Gardens, Midland

The children’s garden in Dow Gardens emphasizes growing both flowers and vegetables.

In the organic vegetable garden, at harvest time, pick and take what you can carry home. Those vegetables extend math learning through measuring and making new recipes.

Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden

The Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden encourages understanding plants through their fifty-five themed gardens.

The Pharmacy garden lends itself to a discussion of the plant’s healing properties. This garden has plants that doctors use to treat children’s diseases or ones that they employed in the past.

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