7 Ways to Pack More Relaxing Travel into Your Over-Scheduled Life

You want to use your vacation days to travel. But with uncertainty in both your personal and work schedules, it’s challenging to plan a vacation.

Here are seven approaches I’ve used to pack more leisure travel into my hectic life.

Prioritize Travel

Make travel your priority. Prioritization helps in the planning process. You’ll need to prioritize both your time and your money to reach your travel goals.

Plan Your Vacation

To start planning, you need ideas. Read travel websites and blogs to find recommendations on where to go and what to do. Get input on where in the world you should go next.

Be Prepared

Be ready. If it takes hours to get ready to go on a spontaneous trip, the opportunity evaporates, but if you’re packed, you can seize the moment. Always have a travel bag packed.

Set Aside Vacation Funds

Set up a vacation bank account separate from your other funds and have the money added directly from your check rather than putting all your earnings in one account.


To save money on hotels, car rentals, and activities, call ahead when reserving and find out about any special discounts available with AARP, AAA, veteran discounts, or student discounts.

Stay Flexible

Flexibility is critical to be able to switch your plans when it’s raining on beach day – always have a Plan B.

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