Activities in Lansing, Michigan

With all the things to do the city has to offer, those from outside of Michigan will find plenty to keep busy for a more extended stay.

Greater Lansing is famous for the three Cs, cars, the capital, and the campus at Michigan State University.

Food and Drink

A hand-crafted, Southern BBQ shop specializing in four types of meat—back ribs, brisket, pulled pork shoulder, and chicken quarters. With this BBQ you could add a fourth C, culinary to the list of things to do in Lansing.

Saddleback BBQ

Food and Drink

In 1898 when Lawrence Price, a local businessman and police chief, opened Lansing Brewing Company, they made their mark with the Amber Cream Ale, a favorite with local laborers wanting a cold one after a hard day’s work.

Lansing Brewing Company

Music and Entertainment

Jump into the middle of the action at High Caliber Karting and Entertainment. The indoor space offers a good time, no matter the weather. The electric race karts imported from Italy offer 50-mile-per-hour speeds—without fumes.

High Caliber Karting And Entertainment

Each of these concerts has free admission. Shows at the Eastwood Town Center and Lake Lansing Park South have the most effortless free parking.

Concerts Around Town

Music and Entertainment

You’ll find hot dog and T-shirt cannons at every game, inflatables in the Kid Zone, and competitions where spectators participate between innings.

Lansing Lugnuts At Jackson® Field™

Sports and Recreation

The course outlines the banks of the Red Cedar and Grand Rivers and is perfect for running, biking, and inline skating. In addition, it will lead you to Michigan State University and Lansing’s historic venues.

Lansing River Trail

Sports and Recreation

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