Best Things to Do in Fort Dodge, Iowa with Grandchildren

Fort Dodge features a wide variety of experiences for children of all ages. The littles will love the Back 40 playground at the Community Orchard and the Children’s Forest at Kennedy Park.

So no matter the age of your grandchildren, you’ll find plenty to keep them engaged and happily busy.

Explore Fort Museum and Frontier Village

A few of the structures you’ll find in the town are a one-room schoolhouse, general store, pharmacy, and a log home from the 1850s.

Create an Etching on the Dragoon Etching Trail

The Dragoon Etching Trail is a scavenger hunt that even the grandchildren still coloring outside the lines can enjoy.

Look at the Collections at the Blanden Memorial Art Museum

The museum’s Marc Chagall painting, Fantastic Horse Cart, is a brightly colored painting with people floating, giving it a dream-like quality.

View the Awe-Inspiring Fort Dodge Grain Silo Mural

The Grain Silo Mural project is a mural installed on a 110-foot tall, abandoned grain silo, making it the largest in Iowa.

Play on the Back 40 at Community Orchard

A fantastic playground that will keep your family busy for hours. They feature an animal area where you can milk a cow and watch live goats.

Discover the Children’s Forest at Kennedy Park

Children will love the  larger-than-life wood carvings in the Children’s Forest at Kennedy Park.

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