Burgdorf’s Winery

For the Burgdorfs, it all started 30-some years ago as home winemakers, in the Haslett, Michigan countryside east of Lansing, with a bumper crop of wild black raspberries.

They perfected that wine over time and named it Perfection. The black raspberry wine was an initial product in their 2005 opening.

Travelocity named Burgdorf’s winery as their “Local Secret Big Find,” and things began to take off. They moved from producing as a boutique winery into a 2,400 square-foot barn.

The Winery

The five-acre family-owned estate, winery, tasting room, and boutique gift shop sits at the northernmost point of southeast Michigan’s Pioneer Wine Trail.

Dave trademarked the “Truly Michigan™,” which businesses can use if their product is 100 percent grown and produced in Michigan.

Truly Michigan™

Specific criteria required for products to use the seal include, the winery must have its own head winemaker. Deb Burgdorf is the head winemaker at Burgdorf’s Winery.

A Truly Michigan™ winery produces 80 percent of its wines from Michigan grown fruit. The Truly Michigan™ Seal on a bottle indicates the winery produces the wine on-site from 100% Michigan grown fruit.

Collaborating with Michigan State University

MSU approached the Burgdorf’s early on about purchasing these grapes. The Burgdorf’s agreed, and Deb uses these grapes in making their Spartan wine.

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