Grassroots Art in Lucas, Kansas

Lucas, located at the crossroads of K-18 and K232 highways, snuggles into Kansas’ Smoky Hills region, in the center of Post Rock Country.

Lucas ranked ahead of well-known art scenes like Taos, New Mexico, and Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

She filled her yard with concrete replicas of places representing her vacation adventures. She called these landscapes “Postal Card Scenes,” which included native rocks and stones.

The Florence Deeble Rock Garden

In 1907, at age 64, Samuel Perry Dinsmore began building the Garden of Eden. He used post-rock limestone, cut into log-like slabs that provide a log cabin feel to the home’s exterior.

The Garden of Eden

Men's Room at Bowl Plaza

The blue and gray men’s room features a collection of matchbox-sized cars embedded as part of the wall.

The ladies’ room showcases shades of pink, green, and florals with accents of whole pieces of ceramic dishware.

Women's Room at Bowl Plaza

Bowl Plaza Exterior

Covering the building’s interior and exterior surfaces in mosaic work, the artists, staff, and volunteers used broken pottery, toys, dishes, tiles, colored bottles to create the mosaic.

Blue Turtles on a Telephone Pole

Blue turtles climb up a telephone pole, while a tiger-headed larger-than-life animal uses another as a scratching post.

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