How to Plan for Vacation: 7 Ways to Pack More Relaxing Travel

Workers earned nine percent more vacation time in 2019 than they did in 2017, yet they used even fewer days. Maybe workers aren’t sure how to plan for vacation?

Here are seven approaches I’ve used to pack more leisure travel into my hectic life.

Prioritize Travel

If travel is your priority, but you think you can’t afford it, try this. Write down your expenses for a week and see where your money is going.

Plan Your Vacation

People who plan their vacations used an average of 12 paid-time-off days to travel compared to the five days off used by non-planners.


Keep a list of places that interest you and decide how much time you would need to take that vacation. From the United States to Australia you might need two weeks.

Consider the best time to visit a destination. Compare calendars to determine what week will work best. Schedule time off work. Will the kiddos be out of school? Does the timing work for all?


Plan a list of vacations, with activities and restaurants so that you can take advantage of spur of the moment opportunities.

Be Prepared

You’ll always need that when you travel, so have it ready, packed, and in your weekend-sized suitcase. The same goes for a first aid kit. I have one assembled and prepared to go in my bag.


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