Interesting Facts About Lansing, Michigan

Most people know Lansing is Michigan’s capital city and has an automotive heritage. But here are some fun details about Lansing that are sure to make you want to visit.

In the meantime, these interesting facts will come in handy at your next cocktail party, Trivial Pursuit game or Jeopardy challenge. If you live in Lansing, you may even be surprised by some of these.

Speed Demons

The 1980s band REO Speedwagon got its name and logo from the truck built in Lansing. You can check out a couple of versions of this truck at the RE Olds Transportation Museum.

Contemporary Art

The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum contains no right angles. The accordion-pleated steel and glass of the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum is a contemporary art museum.

Capitol Building

The only state capitol building designated as a National Historic Landmark. Michigan is also the only state in the union that has a capital that’s not the county seat.

Tallest Building

Boji Tower, the tallest building in Lansing, Michigan is 345 feet tall and 23 stories. Oldsmobile founder R.E. Olds financed the construction, initially called Olds Tower.

Centrally Located in Lansing, Michigan

Get out your Michigan map and draw a circle of all the places within 90 minutes of Lansing, and you’ll be surprised all of Michigan you can explore with Lansing as a home base.

Ancestral Travel

The Archives of Michigan, located inside the Michigan Library and Historical Center, contains one of the nation’s ten largest genealogy collections.

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