Lindsborg, Kansas:  A Touch of Sweden in the Middle of America

What to Do in Lindsborg, Kansas? Art lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to hold their interest.

From traditional Swedish folk art to contemporary National Geographic photography, those seeking to indulge their inner artistic interests will enjoy Lindsborg.

Watch The Creation Of A Dala Horse At Hemslöjd

The Dalecarlian horse, or Dala horse, is a traditional carved, painted wooden sculpture of a horse that originated in Dalarna province, in central Sweden.

Search For Wild Dala Horses

You might think of America’s wild west—cowboys, gunfights, and saloons. Of course, horses also come to mind, but in Lindsborg, you’ll find a different type of wild horse.

Discover The Red Barn Museum

The Red Barn Studio Museum was once home and the studio of folk artist Lester Raymer. Today, it’s a museum that pays tribute to his work.

Visit The Galleries

Another gallery you won’t want to miss is the Birger Sandzén Memorial Art Gallery. The gallery is more like a museum than a gallery you shop, although they have a gift shop.

Attend A Festival

While Lindsborg celebrates over a dozen festivals throughout the year, two that represent the Swedish heritage are the Midsummer’s Festival and the Svensk Hyllningsfest.

Välkommen Trail

Rails-to-trails path is excellent for an early morning run or cycle, paved with limestone millings. I'm not a runner, but if you are, go a bit farther and explore the Meadowlark Trail.

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