Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden in East Lansing

Our school district implemented virtual learning in mid-March, so we also took this opportunity to pull the kiddos away from electronics.

And get them outdoors for some fresh air and fun, yet still sneak in some learning opportunities. The 4-H Children’s Garden encourages learning through their fifty-five themed gardens.

The Five Senses

In the Pizza Garden, we rubbed our hands through the leaves of the basil, oregano, and chives, and they smelled just like pizza.

The Pizza Garden was the perfect place to discuss the sense of taste as we recalled their favorite pizza.

The flowers’ bright colors entertained our sense of sight while jumping on the Dance Chimes engaged our hearing.

Art lovers will enjoy the sculptures and other art installations throughout the less than two-thirds of an acre Children’s Garden.


A bronze sculpture of a boy seated on a bench reading a book includes a whimsical bird perched on an open page.

The Peter Rabbit Garden features statues of Peter and his mother, and even this early in the season, we saw some pops of red in the fresh Swiss chard.

Story Time

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