Must-Try Restaurants in Hendricks County, Indiana

Indiana’s Hendricks County is a collection of 11 charming small towns. While the destinations feature Midwest small-town charm, the flavors are big.

Indiana’s Midwest roots make it an area rich in agriculture, so you’ll find local pork, corn, soybeans, and dairy products, to name a few.

Here are my recommendations for must-try restaurant experiences in Hendricks County, Indiana.

Their expresso bar features lattes to cappuccinos. Tea and fruit smoothies will quench your thirst if you aren’t a coffee drinker.

Enjoy a Cuppa Joe at the Cabin Coffee Company

Revel in Fresh Baked Goods at the Bread Basket Café & Bakery

The difference here is they make their food with love. They want everyone coming through their door to feel that love.

BBQ Combo Plate with Street Corn

In Lizton, at Rusted Silo Southern BBQ & Brewhouse, they cook the ‘que low and slow in full view on their Ferris Wheel of Meat, and it’s mesmerizing.

The pork tenderloin, pounded thin and as big as the plate, came lightly breaded and deep-fried to a golden brown.

Experience One of Indiana’s Best Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches

Throwback a Cold One at Brew Link Brewing

I particularly enjoy food at a brewery that uses their artisan beer as an ingredient. You’ll find several dishes like that at Brew Link Brewing.

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