Places to visit in Lansing, Michigan

Lansing is centrally located and within 90 minutes of 90% of the state’s population, so Lansing is not only a great place to explore on its own.

But it’s also a fantastic base for day trips throughout the southern half of the lower peninsula.

Broad Art Museum

The accordion-pleated steel and glass of the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum is a contemporary art museum.

The displays regularly rotate, so every visit offers something new. The Broad shows a variety of art forms, including video, film, and live performances.

Michigan Historical Center

The Michigan Historical Center also has a museum dedicated to Michigan’s history.

While you’re at the archives, be sure to check out the museum where you can’t have a Michigan historical museum without an exhibit about cars.

Boji Tower

The tallest building in Lansing, Michigan is 345 feet tall and 23 stories. Oldsmobile founder R.E. Olds financed the construction, initially called Olds Tower, completed in 1931.

The building became the Michigan National Tower and has since been renamed Boji Tower for the building’s current owners.

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