Places to visit in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

In the 1870’s the Mariner King Inn was one of the first homes to become a Victorian in the trendy Italianate-style, by adding the famed Lunenburg “bump” over the entrance.

The Mariner King Inn

The Lunenburg bump is an architectural feature that is often like the five-sided Scottish dormer.

St. John’s Anglican Church

The second oldest Protestant church in Canada is a Canadian National Historic Site, built in the Carpenter’s Gothic architectural style.

A notable feature inside the church is the ceiling, which had the same pattern of stars that were in the sky on the night of Christ’s birth.

Lunenburg Academy

Built in 1895, the beautiful Lunenburg Academy was for almost 117 years, a public-school educating primary to Grade 12 until it closed in March 2012.

Today the first floor is the library, the second offices, and finally, the third floor is the Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance.

Ironworks Distillery

An artisanal micro-distillery, where they distill every day, one batch at a time. The name Ironworks comes from the 1893 heritage building.

Today Ironworks Distillery crafts spirits distilled by hand, using as many fresh local ingredients as possible.

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