See the Grassroots Art in Lucas, Kansas

As I enter Main Street, small-town America greets me with the world’s largest souvenir travel plate, made from what was once a satellite dish.

Blue turtles climb up a telephone pole, while a tiger-headed larger-than-life animal uses another as a scratching post.

Embellished tiles line the foundations of houses, and mosaic isn’t uncommon. Complex sculptures adorn yards throughout town.

Herman Divers Creations

Diver made sculptures from metal rings, using about a half-million to create a full-size car.

In 1907, at age 64, Samuel Perry Dinsmore began building the Garden of Eden. He used post-rock limestone, cut into log-like slabs that provide a log cabin feel to the home’s exterior.

The Garden of Eden

She filled her yard with concrete replicas of places representing her vacation adventures. She called these landscapes “Postal Card Scenes,” which included native rocks and stones.

The Florence Deeble Rock Garden

Bowl Plaza Exterior

Covering the building’s interior and exterior surfaces in mosaic work, the artists, staff, and volunteers used broken pottery, toys, dishes, tiles, colored bottles to create the mosaic.

The exhibit also includes a full-size motorcycle and a couple of outfits.

An exhibit at Mri-Pilar’s Garden of Isis

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