The 12 Days of Kansas

First day of Kansas

Kansas City gave me the Kansas City Taco Trail. Kansas City is famous for its BBQ Trail but recently added a Taco Trail with over 50 participants.

While exploring several taco stops along the trail, I learned that not all tacos are created alike. What seems like a simple dish has a lot of variety.

You’ll find Mexican-style tacos featuring meat, cilantro, and onions, stuffed in double-corn tortillas and American tacos.

Merriam gave to me two poviticas. A swirled Croatian pastry baked as a loaf with three times as much filling as dough.

Second day of Kansas

Third day of Kansas

Leavenworth gave to me Three-Mile Creek Walking Trail. The starting point for measuring the town’s miles began at the Main Parade Post, where Fort Leavenworth’s flag flies today.

Fourth day of Kansas

White Cloud gave to me Four-State Lookout. To reach the 16-foot by 24-foot viewing platform, you’ll find an accessible concrete ramp.

Fifth day of Kansas

Wilson gave to me five Czech eggs. Standing 20 feet tall, Wilson’s giant Czech Egg considered the largest globally, celebrates and honors the community’s Czech heritage.

Sixth day of Kansas

The Big Kansas Road Trip gave to me six small museums. The Big Kansas Road Trip (BKRT) is an annual four-day, three-county event that stretches beyond the travel brochure.

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