The Best 12 Days of Kansas Story

Kansas City Gave to Me the Kansas City Taco Trail

You’ll find Mexican-style tacos featuring meat, cilantro, and onions, stuffed in double-corn tortillas and American tacos.

Merriam Gave to Me Two Poviticas

A swirled Croatian pastry baked as a loaf with three times as much filling as dough. At Strawberry Hill, they’ve been making them for three generations.

Leavenworth Gave to Me Three-Mile Creek Walking Trail

The Three-Mile Creek Walking Trail is only a half-mile long. But the interesting fact is that the Three-Mile Creek isn’t three miles long either.

White Cloud Gave to Me Four-State Lookout

The panoramic view featured from the viewing platform high above the treetops highlights four states. You’ll see Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa.

Wilson Gave to Me Five Czech Eggs

The festival’s mission is to honor the town’s Czech heritage. Programs and activities encourage community and family interaction and attract tourists to the small rural community.

The Big Kansas Road Trip Gave to Me Six Small Museums

The BKRT showcased the upper northeast counties of Brown, Doniphan, and Nemaha, but every year the area rotates, and three new counties are on display.

Cheyenne Bottoms Gave to Me Seven Pelicans A-flying

A more accurate estimate is closer to a quarter of a million waterfowl stop here to recharge during the seasonal migrations.

Kansas Gave to Me Eight Kansas Wonders

The Kansas Sampler Foundation, the Big Kansas Road Trip sponsor, conducted a one-time contest and published an 8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook.

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