The Historic Park Inn: A Look Inside

I marveled overhead at the room’s 25 art glass panels, now protected against the elements by a dome. It’s apparent that the Historic Park Inn in Mason City, Iowa, has come full circle.

The grand dame, with a one-of-kind three-part design, opened in the fall of 1910. Then, over the next 50 years, it fell into disrepair and was abandoned.

Historic Park Inn Hotel

It showcases the trademark details of the only remaining Frank Lloyd Wright-designed hotel, one of six designed and five built. As a result, the halls ooze with history.

The Rooms

The original building had 43 ten-by-ten-foot rooms with shared bathrooms. Each room offered a bed, dresser, and sink. Today, the inn offers 27 unique rooms, each with a private bathroom.


Since each room is unique, you’ll also find a variety of bathroom styles. Other bathrooms feature clawfoot bathtubs for those who enjoy old-world charm.

The Lobby

The hotel’s lobby features Wright’s compression and release design concept, meant to move people through the space to the places for visitors to congregate.

Ladies’ Parlor Room

The room features French doors leading to a recessed balcony overlooking Mason City’s Central Park, just the place to enjoy that morning cup of coffee or a cocktail in the evening.

The Draftsman Lounge

The lower level, once known as the Gentlemen’s Lounge and Billiards room, is now the Draftsmen’s Lounge featuring live music and a bar with craft cocktails.

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