The Historic Park Inn

The Historic Park Inn showcases the trademark details of the only remaining Frank Lloyd Wright-designed hotel, one of six designed and five built.

As a result, the halls ooze with history. These are the same halls where big band stars like Glenn Miller and Jack Jenney hurried from their rooms to join a jam session on the mezzanine—their music floating over the lobby and Skylight Room.

The original building had 43 ten-by-ten-foot rooms with shared bathrooms. Each room offered a bed, dresser, and sink. Today, the inn offers 27 unique rooms, each with a private bathroom.

In addition, the rooms provide chairs or sofas and a work desk. I always appreciate having a desk in my room to complete some writing during the evening.

Tours in and Around the Historic Park Inn

Take a 60-minute guided tour with more than 14 locations around the Historic Park Inn. Mason City is the place to explore if you’re an architecture buff.

In addition to the Historic Park Inn and City National Bank tour, the Wright on the Park offers walking excursions of the Prairie School Architecture in the Rock Crest-Rock Glen Historic District.

The Draftsman Lounge, named with a nod to Frank Lloyd Wright, located in the Historic Park Inn’s lower level, features various stunning appetizers.

Draftsman Lounge in the Historic Park Inn

We had the short rib ravioli, and the Iowa cheese curds. The short rib ravioli featured braised Iowa beef short ribs, Parmesan, a mild pepper arrabiata, and herbs.

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