The Kansas City Taco Trail: 10 Must-Try Taquerias

Tacos aren’t usually the first food that comes to mind when considering the Kansas City Metro area. But instead, barbeque is synonymous with the Kansas City brand.

However, tacos are also a special treat, and the Kansas City Taco Trail offers some of the best tacos, and they’re as tasty as Kansas City’s famous barbeque.

El Camino Real on the KCK Taco Trail

A small, locally-owned taqueria with authentic Mexican street tacos. The Al Pastor is the must-try taco here. Everything is unique about these tacos.

Bonito Michoacan Taqueria

Part grocery store, part meat market, and deli, Bonito Michoacan Taqueria is a combination venue with about a dozen tables.

GG’s Barbacoa Café

GG’s Barbacoa Café is well known for its eponymous meat, barbacoa, and smoke brisket.

Las Palmas Restaurant

A sit-down dining experience featuring Central American and Mexican food with a large menu. Pupusas are a Central American dish found in several countries but are central to El Salvadoran cuisine.


One of the best taco places in the Kansas City area for birria tacos. One of my dining companions raved about them, saying they were simply great food.

This neighborhood taqueria seats about 30 people, where the cooktop and prep area are on display. Their menu lists nine taco varieties.

Tacos El Guero 100% Michoacanos

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