The San Francisco Peninsula: A Coast Side Day Trip

California is Number One in the United States for its diverse agricultural products, and the San Francisco Peninsula has its share of offerings. For example, they grow large quantities of Brussel sprouts and pumpkins in the region.

On a sunny fall day, we decided to make pumpkins the theme of our day trip. With our ultimate destination, Half Moon Bay, also known as the Pumpkin Capital, in mind, we started in San Francisco and headed south along the Pacific Coast, Highway 1.

Rosalind Bakery in Pacifica was our breakfast stop, just a block from the ocean. Pacifica is the perfect San Francisco day trip.

Rosalind Bakery

To celebrate the fall produce, Farmer John’s Pumpkin Farm is a family-owned farm. The pet-friendly pumpkin farm lets you bring the whole family to your pumpkin adventure.

Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm

As we entered the bright blue dining room, mare—the sea is evident, but our pumpkin-themed lunch was more representative of the land—fattoria.

Fattoria E Mare

Enjoy your morning coffee as the sun comes up over the horizon. Before departing, they serve a complete scratch-made breakfast cooked over a wood-burning stove.

First Course

The second course included a duo of pizzas—first a pizza Margherita and then a meat lover’s pizza.

Second Course

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