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The late afternoon sun bathes the dining room with light, making the live trees lush and verdant. The trees signal Twelvemonth’s sustainability focus, a 15,000-square-foot 100% plant-based restaurant in Burlingame, California. Owner Bob Trahan carries the restaurant’s sustainability from its vegan food to its LEEDS Platinum-certified building.

Thank you to the San Francisco Peninsula for hosting my stay.

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LEEDS Certification and Sustainability

The restaurant’s modern aesthetic, with earth-brown exposed brick, booths clothed in ocean blue upholstery, and green tiles trimming the bar, the colors of planet Earth are well-represented in Twelvemonth’s décor—another reference to Trahan’s passion for sustainability.

Twelvemonth received the Platinum LEED rating. They installed upgraded insulation, solar panels, and a rainwater catchment system and made construction choices that reduced the environmental impact.

What to Order at Twelvemonth

The culinary offerings at Twelvemonth, a vegan restaurant in Burlingame, California, have an international twist. Depending on the season or day, you could find Filipino, Shanghai Lumpia, Japanese mushroom chawanmushi, or a Chinese radish cake. You’ll also typically find an Italian-inspired pasta dish.

Twelvemonth Rolls

We started with Twelvemonth Rolls, the house’s version of Parker Rolls with furikake butter and crunchy salt. I wanted to save some for my salad but couldn’t resist. You’d never know they were vegan.

Lumpia Shanghai at Twelvemonth a Vegan Restaurant in Burlingame California
Lumpia Shanghai

Lumpia Shanghai

When was the last time you tried something for the first time? One of the appetizers on their bar bites menu was Lumpia Shanghai. Lumpia are Filipino spring rolls made from impossible pork and vegetables with a fermented sweet chili dipping sauce. I couldn’t stop eating these crispy treats. I’m unfamiliar with Filipino food and had never heard of Lumpia Shanghai; however, I’ll seek them out in the future. My Filipino dining companion assured me these tasted authentic. While I’m familiar with jackfruit and enjoy it, I’d never eaten impossible pork, yet to this carnivore, I couldn’t tell the difference. The crispy maitake mushrooms with hot nash seasoning, pickles, and whipped ranch also hit the spot at our table.

Autumn Chopped Salad at Twelvemonth in Burlingame California
Autumn Chopped Salad at Twelvemonth in Burlingame California


The two dishes that stood out to me were the autumn chopped salad and the corn pasta.

Corn Pasta at Twelvemonth
Corn Pasta at Twelvemonth

The corn pasta featured cavatappi, corn, and a cheesy sauce topped with corn nut crumble. For those looking for comfort food, the bean stew with yellow-eyed beans, rich tomato broth, and kale hit the spot.


Try the coconut rice pudding featuring brandied cranberries, poached quince, and coconut crunch for dessert. Some other choices included brownie batter and fried cookie dough.

Twelvemonth offers a variety of dining options all under one roof. If you’re hesitant to go to the eight-course tasting menu on the first visit, begin with some small plates at the bar and work your way into it over several meals.

Patio Seating at Twelvemonth in Burlingame, CA
Patio Seating at Twelvemonth

Outdoor Seating

The pleasant outdoor seating area makes mid-week date night a good time with small plates and mocktails. While they offer a full bar menu, their mocktails stand out. Try the Cara Cara Creamsicle featuring cara cara orange juice, lemon stock, vanilla bean, and sparkling water.

Even on a crisp fall evening, heaters keep the temperature tolerable. During summer, the trees and plants keep the space shaded and comfortable. I love the variety of seating here, from patio tables and chairs to outdoor sofas, so you’ll find suitable seating no matter the situation.

The Twelvemonth Bakehouse

Stop by for your morning coffee and a pastry Thursday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to Noon. For first-timers, the entrance to the bakehouse is at 321 California Drive. You can also taste their products at the Twelvemonth Restaurant on Lorton Avenue.

Twelvemonth introduced me to the sustainable world of vegan restaurants. It was an amicable introduction where I’ll pursue a more in-depth relationship.

Piper’s Pro Planning

  • You’ll find the easiest parking options in the Highland Parking Garage or Lot O across California Drive.
  • Even on a Wednesday evening in October, I’d suggest reservations at Twelvemonth.

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