Unleash Your Child's Imagination at Michigan Children's Gardens

Pull the kiddos away from electronics and get them outdoors for some fresh air and fun.

Here are four Michigan memory-making children’s gardens, each with a unique focus that will keep kids learning in a variety of modes.

Lena Meijer Children’s Garden

As children enter the garden through their unique door, a giant mouse sculpture greets them. This garden emphasizes hands-on activities enhanced through sculptures.

The Five Senses Garden contains a sculpture representing each of the five senses.

Wayfinder’s Maze at Gaffield Children’s Garden

The Wayfinder’s Maze, with its dynamic swinging gates, allows for a game of hide and seek among the hedges.

Since the gates swing to adjust, you can always enjoy the maze in a new and different way, even if you’ve been to this garden several times.

The Log Cabin at Gaffield Children’s Garden in Ann Arbor

For the craftsmen in the group, the Builder’s garden will be the sought after space.

In the Builder’s Garden, the kiddos can use sticks and branches to construct a lodging or hang out at the existing log cabin.

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