Visit Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden in East Lansing

The 4-H Children’s Garden encourages learning through their fifty-five themed gardens.

Throughout the Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden, my daughter and I encouraged the kiddos to experience the area with all five senses.

In the Pizza Garden, we rubbed our hands through the leaves of the basil, oregano, and chives, and they smelled just like pizza.

The blossoming chives added a welcome pop of purple color to the bed.

The flowers’ bright colors entertained our sense of sight while jumping on the Dance Chimes engaged our hearing.

We touched the rough sticks of the Twigaloo Village and the cold bronze of the Life’s Lessons sculpture to round out our experience with the fifth sense.

From the Secret Garden, a large gate swings open to a maze formed by tall evergreen trees. The feeling that adventure awaits just around the corner as we wandered through the maze added to the fun.

Interactive Activities

The 4-H Children’s Garden includes several interactive activities. For those kids who need to blow off some steam, climbing the treehouse-style fort is sure to tire them out.

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