What is Grass Roots Art in Lucas, Kansas

Lucas ranked ahead of well-known art scenes like Taos, New Mexico, and Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

I started my tour of Lucas, the Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas, at the Lucas Grassroots Art Center for an introduction to what Roz termed “ordinary people making extraordinary art.”

A sign printed on brown butcher paper in the Grass Roots Art Center defines the style.

What is Grass Roots Art?

Grass Roots Art is work done by self-taught artists operating outside the traditions of fine art and folk art.

These intuitive artists follow a personal vision. They seem to work to please only themselves, following their inner direction or drive.

The term refers to personalized environments, exterior or interior composed of many individual pieces of sculpture.

- Self-taught Art - Trash Art - Recycled Art - Contemporary Folk Art - Art Singular - Raw Art

Other terms you may have heard for Grass Roots Art are:

Generally, the artists begin to create in their retirement years and continue throughout their lives. The creators use whatever material they can get their hands on, from chewing gum to computer motherboards.

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