Where to Eat in Lindsborg, Kansas?

Ol Stuga

Stop at the Ol Stuga, Beer Cottage, for a fan favorite and a finalist in Good Morning America’s Best Bites Challenge: College Edition.

Ol Stuga is one of the best college town hangouts with great food and a relaxed atmosphere. The fan-favorite here is for the Brent Nelson sandwich.

350 Degrees Bakery

If you’re craving some Swedish flavors, like lingonberry and cardamom, you’ll want to stop by 350 Degrees Bakery. This is the perfect place for a light lunch.

They have a soup du jour and a variety of bread. For example, the stuffed ham and cheese buns or a couple of garlic breadsticks make the perfect precursor to a Swedish bakery treat.

Farley’s Bar And Grill

Located right next door to the Dröm Sött, in a late 1800s building that a Lindsborg native and her architect husband renovated, Farley’s Bar and Grill is an excellent place for dinner.

I chose the fish and chips for dinner, and while this dish originated in the United Kingdom, fish is a staple in Sweden

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