Wild West to the White House in Abilene, Kansas

Elizabeth named Abilene after references to Galilea, a region in the bible verse Luke 3:1. In 1867, Abilene became the western end of the Kansas Pacific Railroad, where it met The Chisholm Trail.

The town was the wild west in the truest sense, as cowboys herded cattle from Texas to Abilene and boarded them into railroad cars to ship them throughout the nation.

A story that focuses on Eisenhower and his wife, Mamie, you’ll hear about the former President throughout the town. Almost every place I went, I heard a connection to Eisenhower.

Explore Old Abilene Town

Old Abilene Town, a combination of replica and original buildings moved to the site that tells the story of the old west and the actual town from the cattle drive days.

Ride The Abilene & Smokey Valley Railroad

When you ride the train, you can explore the flour mill during the layover and purchase some flour to take home for your own baking.

Visit Dickinson County Heritage Center

A visit here is a way to step back in time and get a first-hand experience of what life was like for a pioneer family on the prairie.

Pet The Greyhound At The Greyhound Hall Of Fame Museum

They’ve clocked racing greyhounds at up to 45 miles per hour. In 1987, P’s Rambling sold for $500,000, the most money ever paid for a greyhound.

Tour Seelye Mansion

The home features 11 bedrooms, kitchen spaces, a ballroom, and a downstairs bowling alley.

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